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  • Deepen Your Friendship with Jesus

    Deepen Your Friendship with Jesus

    We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Boucher-Pye, a renowned author and spiritual director, who shared her profound insights on cultivating intimacy with Christ through the lens of the biblical relationships of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Amy’s exploration of these figures offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of God’s love and…

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  • Hurt by the Church by Johnny Armijo

    Hurt By the Church – Church Hurt v/s Unmet Expectations

    I would argue that one of the most complex (and sometimes dysfunctional) environments in the world, is the Christian church. Picture any church – regardless of its location, size, or denomination – any church you’ve actively participated in for longer than one year. Have you ever been hurt? I can almost guarantee your answer is…

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  • Introducing Young Children to Prayer

    Mentor Mama: Today we are going to be talking about introducing young children to prayer and how it can mold their faith, prayer life, and family bonds. The concept of God and knowing what to say to God can be very intimidating for little ones. But if we teach children how to talk to God…

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  • What on Earth Am I Here For?

    Mentor Mama: Today we’re going to be talking about how the storyline of the Bible can answer the question, what on earth am I here for or what’s the purpose of my life? You know, these are big questions that millions of people ponder every day. We can go about figuring these out if we…

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  • Mountains, Valleys, Sticks, and Stones

    Today we are going to be talking about rediscovering your vision and restoring your hope in God’s presence through the symbol-driven world of the Bible. You might be asking, “symbol driven world of the Bible?” “What exactly is that?” Well, locations in the Bible didn’t just matter, these locations had meaning. So how does this…

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  • Free Silent Night Hymn Study

    FREE HYMN STUDY: Silent Night!

    Prepare your heart for Christmas with this free Hymn study on Silent Night. If you enjoyed this hymn study and want to do more in depth hymn studies, check out our shop page for more!

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  • How to Achieve Financial Freedom that Leaves an Eternal Impact

    Mentor Mama: Today we are going to be talking about how managing our money can be made simple. As Christians, God has called us to manage our money well and to be good stewards of that money. Being responsible with the gifts that he has given us and extending that blessing to others is pleasing…

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